Daniel Doty

Daniel C. Doty

I'm a retired Air Force Colonel with an interest in outdoor activities, such as flyfishing, hunting, hiking, and boating. I've recently become interested in nature photography, which is the primary focus of this website.

This photography site is organized as follows: There are three FOLDERS, each of which contains 3 or more GALLERIES (collections of photos). "Current Photos" contains photos taken over a rolling 3-month period, a gallery per month.  "Landscapes" contains 4 galleries (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter).  "Wildlife" contains 5 galleries (Bears, Birds, Cervids, Other Mammals, and Miscellaneous).  There are 3 stand-alone Galleries:  Close-Ups, Astrophotography, and Mill Brook Favorites.

Each gallery features a collection of thumbnail photos.  Click on any photo to see a full-sized image.